Why STEM Competitions?

Why STEM Competitions?

Why STEM Competitions?

Mathobotix OpenTechLabs provides an ideal space for students to explore innovation. Our streamlined STEM after-school programs introduce students to 21st Century STEM skills. The buildologie, Codologie, and Gamologie programs help them discover their interest and potential to become future STEM professionals and entrepreneurs. While our non-competitive after-school learning experiences are ideal for most students some of them might enjoy participating in competitive sport-like learning experiences. If you are interested there are several STEM competitions available in Orange County. 


Mathobotix OpenTechLabs partners with a number of local industury and academic organizations to offer and facilitate individual students and teams so that they can compete in one or more of the STEM competitions such as miniMAKEathon, FIRST Robotics, Science Olympiad, Astounding Inventions, VEX robotics, Orange County Science and Engineering Fair, and Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF).

Mathobotix OpenTechLabs offer the following services for STEM Competitions:

  • Provide Competition Information
  • Help form Competition Teams
  • Technical Mentoring for projects
  • Research Methods
  • Technical Workshops for Teams
  • Integrated STEM Competition Projects as part of the after-school classes

Attend one of our Monthly Open House events to learn more and get started!