Track III: Gamologie Summer Camps

Track III: Gamologie Summer Camps - Game Development

Track III: Gamologie Summer Camps - Game Development

Track III, Gamologie - Imagine-Design-Code-Play-Share series of camps, lets students explore "mini-game project" based hands-on labs. Create your own story, build your own game characters, and make your own game. Learn to program and develop computational skills while having fun. Play and Share!

  • Explore game genres and learn to apply Game Development Life Cycle©  (GDLC)

  • Review game development platforms and technologies

  • Develop up to 3 mini games.

  • Explore 2 & 3-D game objects.

  • Apply Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, and Soft skills (STEAMS)

  • Keep developer logs and document each game project

  • Demonstrate the games to peers and guest audience
Technologies and Game Development Platform: Minecraft, Python 3.x, C# and Unity
Level: 2 level of camps are available. Prior coding experience is required for level II.

Summer Camp 2017 Schedule:

  • Weekly Camps (Mon - Fri)  From June 12 to August 25 || All-Day: 9AM - 4PM ||

First-time participants with no prior experience in coding should try Track II Codologie first before venturing into Track III Gamologie. Two levels of game development camps are available. Level 1 helps students explore Game development basics and 2D games and Level II introduces 3D technologies.

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New Gamologie - Game Development II

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